How many times can a person escape death? Shelby Nichols may be one lucky gal, but this time, her luck is about to run out.

Working for a mob-boss has danger written all over it, but when an escaped convict with a lust for revenge goes after him, it’s up to Shelby and her mind-reading skills to keep Uncle Joey alive. Not only that, but a federal agent from her past has an agenda with her name on it, and he won’t take no for an answer. What’s a mind-reading soccer mom to do? If you’re Shelby Nichols, you jump in with your mind wide open and hope for the best.


I highly recommend this series if you like cozy mysteries and love to laugh out loud! Go out and get the first one now!
~ Stormi@BMReviewsohmy

Hidden Deception was another great moment in the Shelby Nichols Adventure mystery series. I hope Colleen is already working on the next one because I’m ready.
~ Berls@Fantasyismorefun