Running “errands” for her mob-boss employer, Joey “The Knife” Manetto, often ends with Shelby in trouble, making her cautious about continuing her association with him. Instead, she focuses on a new client who hires Shelby to find her missing mother. What seems like a routine case turns into something more sinister and deadly than she ever imagined. In the meantime, Uncle Joey has summoned Shelby to his office, where she runs into her former nemesis. Shelby inadvertently hears something that makes her fear for the lives of Uncle Joey and his hit-man, Ramos. This time, Uncle Joey is not sure he wants to involve Shelby in something he knows could get her killed. Keeping Shelby’s involvement to a minimum has disastrous results, sending Shelby on a dangerous path. As her investigation unfolds, Shelby finds death at every turn, and soon realizes she is in over her head. Can she escape from danger in time? Or will she find herself deep in death?


I couldn’t put this book down. The story lines and plot twist were so captivating that I didn’t want to miss a single word.
~Shelley’s Book Case

If you’re looking for a quick read, filled with quirky characters, some fun, lots of excitement, and a little bit of forbidden lust, you should pick up Deep in Death and enjoy the ride.
~(un)Conventional Bookviews

This one was full of action, adventure, mystery and so much emotion it was literally a roller coaster ride!
~Community Bookstop

Deep in Death is full of creative plot twists, fascinating characters and enough action that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

In Deep In Death, Colleen Helme is once again telling a fun story that could dissolve into some serious unpleasantness, but somehow she keeps it interesting and light without becoming trite and silly.
~Sharon Haddock, Deseret News