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As the ambassador from Braemar, Bran is sent on a diplomatic mission to the Old Country to establish trade relations. But the real reason for his mission is to uncover the secrets of a potent elixir that can give magic to anyone who drinks it.

While there he encounters the Songbird, a beautiful, exotic woman, and the king’s most prized possession. Her song is full of magic, and he determines that her people must be connected to the deadly elixir. In exchange for her help, he is willing to risk his life to set her free. What he doesn’t expect, is to fall under her spell…


Hauntingly beautiful, SONGBIRD is an entrancing fantasy romance!

“This is an intriguing story, one that’s easy to read and not so easy to put down. Helme has created a world and a story that is unique with all the elements of a beautiful tale, a tale that escapes being predictable and ordinary.”
– Sharon Haddock, Deseret News

“Ms Helme has truly written a wonderful story. It will appeal to readers of romance, fantasy and mystery. Strong characters and a way with words make this a must read book.”
– Orchid, Long and Short Reviews – 5 Stars

“Hauntingly beautiful, SONGBIRD is an entrancing fantasy romance. Beautifully enhanced with an originally creative plot, along with complex and compelling characters. This story should be interesting to readers of various genres. I highly recommend SONGBIRD to readers looking for a great read.”
– Dottie, Romance Junkies

“Songbird, written by Colleen Helme, is a very well written tale. I can easily see myself reading this one again, and I will definitely recommend this be read. It’s new, and magically exciting.”
– Books4Betty gave this romantic fantasy 4 Stars.

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