Sequel to Flame of Destiny

In the aftermath of a recent battle, Callista has become the sole guardian of the relic, a powerful crystal full of darkness. She hopes to use it to turn the shadowbeasts back into the men they once were, but so far, has not been successful. Unless she can change them, she will have to kill them, and that is not an option she is willing to face.

Left on her own in the Ruins of Belton, she realizes the relic is growing more powerful. For each day that passes, it becomes more difficult to keep that power under control. Desperate to find the answer that will ultimately destroy it, she seeks the origins of the relic in the Eastern Province.

As Justin battles a deadly enemy, Callista is caught in a personal fight between the forces of good and evil. The relic is the key to unleashing an even darker power that will ruin everything, and Callista’s determination to destroy it is the only thing that will save them all.

The epic conclusion to Flame of Destiny


“Helme has created living, breathing characters with Callista and Justin, and the story feels real despite there being wizards, magical power and deadly creatures on the loose. It’s easy to get caught up in the story and to care about the outcome.”